CitiAlly is a professional networking site focusing on Africa and the Middle East. If you are a professional working in Africa or the Middle East or with an interest to work in the region, then you need CitiAlly to network with professionals working in the region or with knowledge and interest in the region. CitiAlly will help you develop new relationships relevant for your career, exchange ideas and views, find employment and drive your career forward.

If you are an entrepreneur operating within Africa or the Middle East or with an interest in developing a business initiative within the region, then CitiAlly is the tool you need to help your business gain a competitive advantage. CitiAlly will help you make your business more visible, discuss business related issues with knowledgeable contacts, find potential partners or experts in a field and communicate corporate events and conferences.

CitiAlly is setup to facilitate the need for professional networking with specific features for Africa and the Middle East included in the service. In addition to traditional features such as job posting, business profiling, groups, events etc. the site will present project profiles from the region, make small businesses more visible, present working practices and issues from different regions, present opportunities for large and small businesses from different regions, present discussions with professionals and entrepreneurs from different regions amongst other features.

CitiAlly aims to be a comprehensive tool to address the needs of professionals and entrepreneurs to network to help their career or business with specific features and information on the region being made available.
Bitrika - 03/09/2015
A next generation digital currency, Bitrika is coming to Africa. Bitrika is highly secure, simple to use and reliable. It is expected to transform the financial landscape in Africa and beyond.

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